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The Clockwork King The Clockwork King

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So at first play I was like OK nothing special. It all looks decent but boy was that short. I like how the platforms and traps have a clock-esk rhythm to it. Story was cool yet kinda felt it going in that direction.

Then I looked at the medals...wait...20 monitors? where they heck in that little level would you fit 20 monitors!? I'm missing something. Then went back...and started really exploring instead of just running to the end. Boy was I pleased. Not only did I so easily overlook the size of the map but I missed one heck of a story. Sure I had a feeling on what was going on but nothing beats seeing it play out. Masterfully done. Would have been a tragedy if I'd stopped after that first play.

Final judgement. Everything was so well coordinated. From the respawning to the menu screen to menu text and so much more. It all just fit into the overall game experience I found myself liking it more and more as I uncovered a little bit more, pressed a little bit further, and paid a bit more attention to things I usually overlook in games. I think it's worth repeating myself...Masterfully done.

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brainy maze brainy maze

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not too shabby~ I like me a good maze. Big draw back for me though is I was all excited to rock some mazes when it ended. Was not expecting it to end after only 2 levels.

Did the green health bar like thing over the character have a point?

Overall solid execution just needs some length. I'd play the crap out of it with more levels.

prabs responds:

thanx rhoady for such a comment and i am just adding many more levels ,more affects and better graphics so please vote so that my game is fully published and ofcourse i can also ad some more levels